Mar 21

Money won’t engage employees

We often get asked what motivates people, how best to engage employees and what rewards should be used to retain talent. The answer we give does not usually involve money! Whilst it is clear that money has a role in an employee’s commitment to an organisation, it has been found... read more →
Mar 10

How leaders affect engagement

Despite the fact that there has been limited research on the impact of leadership on employee engagement levels, it seems intuitive that managers and leaders in an organisation would have to provide a positive role model for engagement to fully flourish within a workforce. It is thought that transformational leadership,... read more →
Mar 02

This is a great place work

Many companies run employee engagement surveys annually and achieve great results. However after a few years it can become more and more difficult to increase those scores, leading to disappointment. It shouldn’t. Stand back, look at the overall picture and concentrate on the fact that you’ve done terrifically well to... read more →
Feb 29

Good communication builds engagement

The other day I was talking to a friend who works for a large organisation. We were just chatting about work and we found ourselves discussing the issue of communication. It reminded me that many of our survey results suggest that getting organisation-wide communication right for everyone is a careful... read more →
Feb 26

Create buy-in for change

Organisations often experience a rollercoaster effect when implementing organisational changes. During change programmes employees need to be motivated and engaged more than ever alongside the organisation continuing to focus on increased productivity and profit margins. It can be tough on employees to roll with the many changes that may be... read more →
Feb 24

Enhancing the experience of work

I recently revisited the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, famous not only for having perhaps the most unpronounceable name of any psychologist on the planet, but for developing the concept of ‘flow’. This is the state of ‘optimal experience when people feel both total concentration and deep enjoyment’ whether at work... read more →
Feb 23

Build your own engagement strategy

Type ’employee engagement strategy’ into Google and you’ll get over seven MILLION references. So there’s a lot being said about the subject. My eye was drawn to a recent article entitled ‘Employee engagement and retention tips to retain key employees’. The writer suggested that the way to engage the workforce... read more →
Feb 16

Employee Feedback wins Australian contract

As a consultant, being asked to design and develop a system for use across an entire nation is about as exciting as it gets. And that’s just what has happened to Employee Feedback. We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a contract to work with the Centre... read more →
Feb 10

Don’t just talk about it – do it!

Are you tired of reading the same platitudes about employee engagement? Every HR related journal seems to bang on about  the cost of disengaged employees, the impact on the economy and how much greater productivity can be if people are committed motivated and engaged. We don’t really need to be... read more →
Feb 08

Post-survey action planning

So, the survey has come to a close. Headline results are in and the overall company report and departmental reports are winging their way to you. What next? You could follow the approach of some organisations: flick through the reports, think ‘ah, that’s interesting’ and then stick the reports in... read more →