Our work with Northumbrian Water. Driving progress to the Best Company standard

When Employee Feedback began working with Northumbrian Water, the company had set itself an ambitious People Plan, in which measurement of employee engagement was to play a significant part.

They wanted to create a corporate environment that stimulated innovation, pride, continuous achievement and improvement, and needed a regular measure to assess progress on these aims. The ultimate measure would be the company’s achievement of Best Company status, which was set as a five year target.

Employee Feedback directed development of the survey questions to make sure they connected to the company’s People Plan and to criteria incorporated in the Best Company standard.

Over a five year period each survey was followed up with action plans at a very granular business level, which gave employees ownership in the future direction of the business, enhanced their engagement and grew their determination to become a Best Company.

The Best Company standard was achieved by Northumbrian Water and the survey process continues today with retained buy-in from employees.