EngageMe developed by Employee Feedback. The real-time employee engagement app

Engage-Me is the most exciting new development in employee surveys. It’s a survey app developed by Employee Feedback that asks a simple set of questions to capture employees’ feelings about the here and now.

Here and now information about feelings is new data for managers to work with. So there are no set ways to dealing with the findings. Managers are therefore much freer to develop innovative and humanist responses that target engagement issues within their teams.

Similarly, there are no fixed situations EngageMe should be used in. It’s a flexible tool that helps managers understand the performance of employees when they need that information most.

It could be during a period of change, when customer demand is at its peak, or when teams are being managed remotely. How managers respond to the patterns they find is the most interesting bit.

Pascal Gaucher, Sales Manager for France, Italy and Africa at Nalco, has used EngageMe to ascertain how his remote sales team is feeling on a daily basis. He said: EngageMe complemented my annual survey really well by giving me daily knowledge of employee engagement. When I received frequent warnings on a common basis I knew what issues to address there and then.