Our consultants have been using engagement surveys for many years to help companies define their challenges and establish their people strategies.

Expert in understanding survey results, they deliver much more than numbers. They provide comprehensive guidance on how to drive engagement and influence what employees think, feel and do.


Chris McGivern

Chris has been in the business of surveys since 1980, having worked in HR, marketing and organisational development.

Trained in occupational psychology, Chris has managed survey and 360 feedback projects in a wide variety of organisations. A number of clients he’s retained for over ten years.

He founded his first employee survey business in 1980, using his experience in HR, marketing and organisational development. The business grew to become one of the leading specialists in the field and merged with another consultancy in 2006.

Chris established Employee Feedback to provide a service to clients that was true to his belief: That surveys work best when you take a long-term view. He sees each one as a progressive step, not a one-off event.


Mark Williams

Mark joined Employee Feedback in 2001, following roles in HR consultancy and projects developing 360 feedback systems for large multi-national companies.

Mark achieved an MSc in Occupational Psychology and started his career in HR consultancy with a focus on the design and use of 360 feedback systems.

Since joining forces with Chris in 2001, Mark has directed employee surveys and 360 feedback projects for corporates, charities and public sector organisations.

Most recently he’s been leading development of EngageMe, the only real-time hearts and minds measurement tool that exists. He believes it’s the next step for companies looking to maintain momentum in their employee survey process.


Jeanette Dedman

Jeanette joined the team in 2014 following HR director roles where she utilised Employee Feedback surveys for driving change.

As HR Director at Buro Four Project Services, Jeanette led HR planning through periods of rapid company growth and reorganisation.

Her skillset and experience includes development of reward strategies, learning and development programmes, career and talent management, recruitment and retention, CSR and internal communication.

Today as a consultant to businesses she helps companies define their people strategies to drive and maintain high levels of engagement. She views engagement surveys as a fundamental starting point for defining the path ahead.


Katriina Cooper

Katriina joined forces with Employee Feedback in 2011, following sixteen years as a communication consultant for branding, corporate responsibility and employee engagement consultancies.

Katriina began her career in corporate communications in 1994 and chose to specialise in corporate responsibility, employer branding and employee engagement from 2005.

She’s worked with major UK and international businesses on their internal communications, using her combined knowledge of branding, marketing, PR and corporate communications to create impactful strategies and campaigns.

As well as developing communication programmes, Katriina is an experienced copy writer, able to produce detailed and engaging content for all internal channels. She sees internal communication as a vital part of the engagement process which has to be judged brilliantly to hit home with employees.