With extensive experience working inside businesses as well as consulting with them, our team knows how to bring action plans to fruition.

Using the evidence from surveys

The quantitative and qualitative feedback generated from our employee survey process gives our clients the evidence they need to act. However, when every action feels like a priority, establishing milestones and setting out responsibilities can be a difficult task.

We work with clients on a very detailed level to turn action plans resulting from our surveys into tangible and measurable activities. Ones that will drive employee engagement and ultimately business performance.

The scope of services available to clients includes leadership support, management coaching, HR framework development, reward and recognition programmes, internal communication and employer branding.


HR strategy and systems

For some companies we help develop an over-arching people strategy that works across the group and has several component work streams within it. For other companies we design and improve individual HR frameworks, everything from job descriptions to competencies and behaviours, induction processes to training and development programmes.

Our recommendations build on well-recognised best practice in HR and succeed because we tailor every solution to the cultural and business context of each individual client. We use on-going employee engagement surveys, external benchmarks and return on investment measures to monitor what we deliver.

Internal communication

Once a survey is completed and action plans are developed maintaining momentum is key to delivering results. One way of keeping things moving is developing a communication plan that sets out how employees will be informed about progress when.

We help our clients establish the priorities employees want to hear about and set milestones for communication, recommending the messages, tone of voice, visual style and channels that are used.

If internal communication has been raised as a significant issue within an employee survey, it may mean an entire rethink of internal communications is required. We can support clients with a full audit and review and develop a strategy that addresses employee concerns, as well as inspiring greater engagement in the business and its goals.

An important aspect may be the style and content of leadership communication. We can be the external voice that helps highlight the need for change and provide ongoing support for this often sensitive issue.

Leadership support and management coaching

Common areas for improvement within organisations we work with are leadership and management skills. We work with senior people on how to engage with their teams more fully and drive better performance.

This may involve going back to basics and asking the essential questions about who we are, what we do and where we’re going, in order to deliver a business strategy that everyone understands and can personally align with.

We also help leaders build their understanding of what good leadership looks like, working with them to establish priorities and delegate to others. Management training addresses how to build a team and motivate employees to develop and deliver.

Employer branding

Every system, process, framework and communication a company uses internally helps to build the relationship it has with employees. But it’s the way they’re delivered creates a positive employer brand.

With our combination of HR and communication expertise, we help organisations join the dots between the different components of their workplace environment and refine the nature of the relationship they have with employees.

This involves building on the company values that define external company relationships and making sure these resonate with employees’ experiences and motivations. It requires clarity about what vision and values mean for employees in their day-to-day basis working lives and showing how their interests and motivations are aligned with the company’s.



EngageMe captures employees’ feelings about the here and now and is a useful monitor of on-going progress with engagement and action plans.

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