Feb 08

Post-survey action planning

So, the survey has come to a close. Headline results are in and the overall company report and departmental reports are winging their way to you. What next? You could follow the approach of some organisations: flick through the reports, think ‘ah, that’s interesting’ and then stick the reports in... read more →
Feb 01

Employee engagement

Newly appointed HRDs, like all senior hires, have to make their mark quickly. But before they can frame their plans, each must not only find a way through the inevitable complexities of the organisation they have joined, but also put their fingers on the key issues around which their strategies... read more →
Jan 18

Best companies – is it really an engagement survey?

You’ll be aware of the various competitions devoted to finding the best places to work. Winners are chosen based primarily on their scores in a sample survey of employees’ opinions about what it’s like to work in the participating organisations. There are various industry sectors and size-related categories. The surveys,... read more →
Jan 13

Consultants – do we need them?

Are consultants worth their fees? Should you try to run employee engagement surveys in house or is it better to use a specialist consultant? On the face of it, running an employee survey doesn’t seem too difficult. Put together a questionnaire, print and distribute it around the business. Get someone... read more →
Jan 12

‘How did they manage to do that?’

At the start of this New Year we’re looking back at some interesting and useful lessons from our clients’ experiences in 2015. In this blog we’re reflecting on how and why some organisations manage to make big strides within a year of receiving feedback in their first engagement survey. I... read more →
Dec 14

Long live engagement surveys.

Employee surveys haven’t changed much over the last couple of decades. Yes, of course the web has made a difference; we’re all used to surveys on tablets and phones and paper questionnaires are becoming relatively uncommon. But essentially we’ve simply applied new technology to a long-established process. So what is... read more →
Dec 10

Opinion scales – what’s your choice?

A number of writers have claimed that employee survey questionnaire using the tried and tested ‘Likert Scale’ using tick boxes on a ‘strongly agree – strongly disagree’ scale can lull organisations into a false sense of security. This was because such surveys fail to reveal the reasons behind responses, and... read more →
Dec 08

Focus groups – worth the investment?

Running an employee survey isn’t cheap. So it’s hardly surprising that when we suggest that investing in a series of focus groups, that clients will sometimes say no. Surely as specialist consultants we know what items to include in a questionnaire? And if we don’t, the Management Team will claim... read more →
Dec 07

Lessons we’ve learned about engagement in 2015

It’ll soon be the end of another busy year, during which we have worked in almost fifty different organisations. We thought that before diving headlong into 2016 we should pause to reflect on what we’ve learned about employee engagement this year. We learned some high level lessons, as well as... read more →
Dec 01

Planning an engagement survey

  So, you’re thinking about running an employee engagement survey? Well, you probably have some questions and we hope that our 5 key questions and answers listed below will help you understand employee engagement a bit better and what to expect from an employee engagement survey so that you can... read more →