Dec 07

Lessons we’ve learned about engagement in 2015

It’ll soon be the end of another busy year, during which we have worked in almost fifty different organisations. We thought that before diving headlong into 2016 we should pause to reflect on what we’ve learned about employee engagement this year. We learned some high level lessons, as well as... read more →
Nov 23

Achieving good response rates

What can you do to achieve a high (over 70%) response rate? Communicate: tell all your people why the employee survey is taking place and when it will happen. Don’t just send out a questionnaire without warning. Commit to feeding back the results. Use all available media. Brief managers thoroughly... read more →
Nov 19

Measuring employee engagement

  Measuring current levels of employee engagement is a key step to take in the process of developing an employee engagement strategy. McLeod & Clarke (2008) state that ‘engagement is measurable…a foundation for insights for action’ (p10). Whilst engagement cannot be considered to be a science it can be measured... read more →
Nov 16

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a widely researched area and it has generally come to be accepted by organisations that engagement affects the bottom line. Gallup have previously reported that companies with higher levels of employee engagement have higher profitability and customer loyalty amongst other things. Hay Group found that the higher... read more →
Nov 12

Employee engagement

Enter ‘What is Employee Engagement?’ into Google and (today) you’ll get more than a million links! So to infer from this that there are quite a few definitions out there is perhaps reasonable. And if you spend a few minutes trawling through some of those definitions, exhaustion will soon set... read more →
Nov 11

Can workplace stress kill?

The current preoccupation of the HR community with engaging employees risks missing the critical truth that its obverse – workplace stress – is a major health risk. A recent review (by Jeffrey Pfeffer of the Stanford Business School) has found 230 studies which provide evidence that employees’ health risks from... read more →
Nov 10

Engaging employees

Have  we learned anything about employee engagement from the findings of three decades’ survey results? Are there any lessons to can pass on? There are. We’ve been taking a look at the strategies of some of our most successful clients and comparing them with others’. And there are three consistent... read more →
Nov 03

Engagement? It’s all about hearts and minds

One of the leading thinkers about engagement, Wilmar Schaufeli, (ironically someone who’s not well known to UK practitioners) wrote recently: “Modern organizations need employees who are able and willing to invest in their jobs psychologically. And this is exactly what work engagement is all about. No wonder that companies became... read more →
Jul 02

Taking responsibility for your own engagement

Today, on 2nd July 2014, John Holland-Kaye has held the position of CEO of Heathrow for a total of two days. Despite his short tenure he’s already a prominent face in the media, all because of the baggage chaos that’s playing out at Terminal 5. The chaos won’t have been... read more →
Mar 13

Your company, Best Companies and Employee Feedback

Congratulations to all of the small companies, big companies and not-for-profits who at end of last month were awarded their places on the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For lists, 2014. Having worked with a number of clients to help them achieve a ranking in previous years, we know... read more →