Jan 21

Engagement surveys – not what managers need?

Feedback from early work on implementing our new tool for measuring engagement in real time - EngageMe - suggests that line managers are more enthusiastic about it than Company Leaders and HRDs. This highlights the need for a new approach, aimed directly at people-managers, to complement - not replace -... read more →
Oct 09
Feb 13

Job crafting – the way ahead for employee engagement?

It's not much talked about by HR professionals, but 'Job Crafting' represents a practical way to increase employee engagement. In a very recent http://bit.ly/zcYQuy, Tims, Bakker and Derks describe their own research that confirms that Job Crafting "... correlate(s) positively with … work engagement, employability, and performance." So what is... read more →
Nov 22

Does cutting benefits mean damaging employee engagement?

To follow on from my previous blogs looking at the turbulent economy, I wanted to address the issue of cutting benefits, which many organisations have had to do as a result of the recession. In reality, does cutting benefits damage employee engagement or can organisations make necessary cuts and still... read more →
Nov 17

Is employee engagement the key to unlocking performance?

There are numerous books written by ‘experts’ dictating to organisations how best to improve employee performance. However, more recently it has been made clear that amongst the competitive world of management solutions employee engagement seems to be the key to unlocking potential and increasing performance. Longitudinal research has shown that... read more →
Sep 17

The happy and productive worker

As a member of the Psychological Testing Centre, I receive a publication called Assessment & Development Matters, published quarterly. I am a bit behind on my reading (!) and whilst sorting through some papers, I came across an edition from 2010 which caught my eye. The article was entitled ‘Why... read more →
Sep 08

Thoughts on Bakker’s model of work engagement

When I have time, which isn’t as often as I would like(!), I try to keep up to date with the latest research related to employee engagement. Arnold Bakker is widely regarded as one of the key academics at the forefront of engagement research. He recently (2011) published a paper... read more →
Aug 14

Manage employee engagement to manage performance

In a recent article in the Journal of Industrial and Organisational Psychology entitled ‘Manage Employee Engagement to Manage Performance’, Saks and Gruman (2011) state that they ‘believe the best way to improve performance management in organisations today is to focus on employee engagement, which is a more proximal and controllable... read more →
Jul 28
Jun 26

Use end-users to foster motivation and engagement

This month’s Harvard Business Review has a really interesting article about using customers to motivate your workforce. If you are a regular of my blogs here, you will know I am a big fan of HBR and the latest edition, focused on innovation, is brilliant! In the article entitled ‘How... read more →