Jun 12

The links between personal success and employee engagement levels

I was recently catching up on some reading, wading my way through journals and newsletters sat in an ever growing pile on my desk. I came across something entitled ‘The Principles of Success: What positive psychology tells us about achievement, happiness and well-being’ by Professor Jordan. Of course, there has... read more →
Jun 01

Giving employees recognition boosts employee engagement

For those of you who don’t know what Yammer is then you are missing out! Simply put, Yammer is an online social networking tool for making ‘companies and organisations more productive and engaged’. No, I am not on commission for pushing Yammer, but it is a great communication tool, something... read more →
May 29

Example Employee Engagement Initiatives

Our last blog looked at ways to increase response rates for employee engagement surveys. Since then I have been looking to see what information is in the public domain which show what companies do to try to encourage their staff to respond – i.e. do companies simply try to walk... read more →
Apr 22

The cycle of excellence

In December 2010 , Edward Hallowell, a Psychiatrist and author, wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review, entitled ‘what brain science tells us about how to excel’. I thought that the article was excellent and the presented ‘Cycle of excellence’ seems of key importance to those working on engagement... read more →
Apr 10

The four types of engaged employees

According to Truss (expert in employee engagement) and her colleagues (2010) it is paramount to ensure that the 5 key principles of employee engagement are met: first, keeping employees informed; second, listening to them; third, setting clear objectives for them; fourth, ensuring that the person fits the job that they... read more →
Mar 20
Mar 18

Is engagement contagious?

Clearly, we are not likening engagement to an outbreak of measles just yet, but apparently according to an article in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology there is some evidence that engagement can be contagious in the workplace. Apparently, emotional contagion, which can be defined as the crossover... read more →
Mar 17

Engagement on the Orient Express

According to an article in People Management this month, ‘bonuses for engagement and travel incentives assist transformation’ for those working for the upmarket travel company, Orient Express. According to their HR Director, Sara Edwards, who started working for Orient Express in 2009, an ad hoc HR strategy existed but a... read more →
Mar 14

Sowing the seeds of employee engagement

It is interesting to note that many of the companies focused on improving their environmental performance often also show up on best places to work for lists too. In a time when governments are setting targets for reductions in carbon emissions and incentives for businesses to be more green it... read more →
Mar 07

Why we need to listen to the voice of engagement

In February 2011, the CIPD ran their annual Employee Engagement Conference. It was here that all things engagement related were discussed, reviewed and sold! One of the things to come out of the Employee Engagement Conference was a subsequent discussion on the ‘employee voice’, where the prevailing opinion appears to... read more →