Aug 09

Managing volunteer engagement in the not for profit sector

Creating and maintaining engagement among employees is one thing; managing engagement among volunteers is quite another. That's one of the elements of a major survey Employee Feedback has been commissioned to conduct for one of Britain's leading charities. The organisation concerned is undertaking a policy review which, potentially, has big... read more →
Aug 05
Jun 26

Engagement is fluid – so why not measure it in real time?

Paul (not his real name), is a senior line manager for a Global engineering company. He had a simple question: "Why doesn't our annual engagement survey help us to understand how our people are feeling out there?" "The Survey Reports always tells us the same story ... the Company is... read more →
May 03
Apr 05

Employee Survey Aims and Objectives? Are we all agreed?

We submitted a draft employee survey questionnaire for client approval recently. We hadn't worked with them before, and this was the first time they had used a specialist survey consultancy; they'd run surveys before, but in-house. This time, they said, they wanted to take a fresh approach and get more... read more →
Apr 05

Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

During 2009 an international manufacturing business asked us to carry out a worldwide survey of employee engagement. The findings of the survey showed remarkable improvement in the degree of employee engagement with the business in the four years since the previous set of measures were taken. This progress was testament... read more →
Mar 24

Involving employees in following up an engagement survey

Not all organisations are prepared to put their money where there mouth is when it comes to employee engagement, but Employee Feedback clients tend to be both exceptional and highly committed to creating extreme levels of performance. This world renowned employer yesterday committed to a series of action planning workshops... read more →
Mar 23

How do I engage employees?

A recent Global Workforce Survey by an American recruitment company has concluded that the recession has drawn bosses and their employees closer together. They report that up to 28% of respondents (depending on age and location) felt more loyal to their organisations. The reasons cited for this change were more... read more →
Mar 23

We have the survey report. What do we do now?

In lots of ways, running the survey is the easy bit. This came home to me this week as I spent two consecutive days running post survey feedback workshops for a prestigious organisation with a long history and a conservative, somewhat deferential culture where there is no tradition of employee... read more →
Mar 18

Raising confidence in leaders and managers

A major Global Workforce study reported recently that 'confidence in leaders and managers is disturbingly low'. The implication was this decline is the consequence of the way leaders and managers have responded to the recession. This may well be the case in some cases, but we have found that, in... read more →